Children created 3D faces by using brown parcel tape and building the masks on to each other very carefully. Pupils then made their facial features from newspaper and then decorated their faces with tissue paper, paint and mixed media.


Children will need to work in pairs. One will be the sitter and will have a mask made directly on to their face and one will be the mask maker. Ensure all hair is tied back from the face.
Explain what gummed tape side is shiny and gets sticky when wet. The other side is papery and not shiny. Make sure the pieces are all cut before starting, as the roll of paper will be damaged if it gets wet.
The sticky side must face out at all times during the LAYER 1 stage of the mask making. Explain that this process does involve the face being covered so if at any time pupils feel uncomfortable they must let their partner know.
The more still the sitter is, the quicker the mask will be made! It involves trust between partners. The mask maker should talk to their partner and update progress as they go along to make their partner feel comfortable.

Layer 1

Layer 2

Layer 3 - Final Stages

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